Symposium Publication:

Distinguished participants, the publication of papers sent to the 2nd International Cinema Symposium are subject to the author's request and will be published, if requested, as follows;


The abstracts of all the papers participating in the symposium will be published in a book. Full-text papers; as a result of the author's request, will be taken into the evaluation through the blind referee method and if the necessary criteria are met, the publication will be evaluated by the editorial board. Another option that we offer for the publication of articles is that the articles will be published as part of the International Journal of Social Sciences and Art Studies (USSAD), which started its academic publication life under CRC-ILAMER. Authors who wish, can publish their papers as an article by putting them in the editorial process and the referee application.

The publication evaluation board has the right to guide the papers participating in the symposium (in line with the author's approval) to be published as an article or a statement in accordance with their academic level.

You can reach the two books published within the scope of the 1st International Cinema Symposium from the links below: