Dear Scientist,

International 2nd Cinema Symposium

We are happy and honored to kindly invite you to the 2nd International Cinema Symposium (usc2022), which will be held digitally in KKTC, between 8-11 March 2022.

As a result of the symposium, the first of which was held last year with the partnership of dozens of universities from 10 different countries, two books, a summary and a full text, have been published.

The 2nd International Cinema symposium is carried out by committees consisting of prominent scientists who are competent in the field.

In addition to the partnership of the Turkic World Culture, Art and Cinema Foundation, it is also supported by the leading universities of 10 Turkic Republics, TRNC, Turkey and of the World.

The 2nd International Cinema Symposium aims to open the concept of “NEW” to scientific and artistic discussion on the axis of cinema this year.


Our Symposium, which is a very young organization, does not remain indifferent to this movement and aims to open up new approaches and applications covering all processes in the field of cinema and film to discussion. Thus, the 2nd International Cinema Symposium aims to go beyond just discussing the term "NEW" as a concept, and to offer a broad formal and contextual discussion ground, starting from the pre-film production processes, including production, distribution and screening.


  1. Technical innovations in practice in cinema and innovations in technical equipment used in production processes (in applications such as sound, imaging, recording, editing, screening)
  2. Innovations in the context of cinema's relations with other branches of art
  3. Innovations in genres and content in cinema
  4. New perspectives brought to the country's cinemas by political, economic, cultural and philosophical developments
  5. New screening channels and changes in audience habits
  6. Innovations in the use of plastic elements such as decor, costumes, make-up, etc. in cinema
  7. Financing in cinema and innovations in the sectoral context
  8. Innovations in film writing, criticism and promotion
  9. Innovations and new approaches in terms of screenplay, cinematography, acting, directing and other fields.
  10. Innovations in terms of the effects of cinemas on society in Turkey and different countries.
  11. Evaluation of the relationship between cinema and other branches of art and science on the basis of the concept of "NEW".

2. We are in the hope of meeting you, esteemed scientists and artistic people, at the 2nd International Cinema Symposium.
Kind regards.