Digital Exhibition

2nd International Cinema Symposium Photography Exhibition Selection Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Ali Muhammet Bayraktaroğlu
  • Prof. Dr. Osman Urper
  • Prof. Dr. Fevzi Kasap
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Beyhan Özdemir
  • Lecturer Dr. Asli Erciyes Tosun
  • Lecturer Dr. Birsel Matara
  • Lecturer Mert Yusuf Özlük
  • Gazi Yüksel (Photographer and Academician)
  • Sami Türkay (Photographer)

Topic: New, Novelty, Novelty

Purpose: The subject of the photography exhibition is determined in parallel with the theme of the second international cinema symposium, "NEW", and the interpretation of the subject was left to the photographers. In this context, what the concept of "NEW" means in today's photography as a "photographic vision" is aimed to be concretized through photographs by questioning the concept of "new" in a wide spectrum of producing-consuming photographs. Therefore, what is “new” for photographers; what the “new” represents will be investigated through photographs and how the concepts of "new/innovation" should be evaluated in terms of photography will also be included in the exhibition.

The photographs to be exhibited will have a perspective that questions the concepts of “new/Innovation” and will be published on the digital platform.

Participation in the exhibition is open to all academics and artists who produce photographs, and it is essential that the photographs comply with the determined theme.

The photos to be sent should be in jpg format with a short side of 30 cm and a resolution of 300 dpi.

The name of the work (if any, the name of the work, its dimensions, technique, material, year) must be specified together with the photographs.

Participants can submit a maximum of 5 (five) works, either colored or monochrome, to the exhibition. Photographs must have direct photographic aesthetics and must not be computer-generated.

Important Legal Notices:
The participant accepts, declares and undertakes that the photograph sent by e-mail for exhibition belongs to him/her and that all permissions have been obtained. Otherwise, the application will be rejected as it will be considered a violation of the rule.

In the detection of a rule violation regarding the aforementioned conditions, a retroactive decision may also be made and the participant will be excluded from the evaluation.
After the applications are evaluated by the Selection Committee, only the owners of the accepted photographs will be notified.

Copyright, permission, etc. of photographs submitted to the exhibition belongs to the applicant and the responsibility regarding these issues lies with the applicant. Institutions and/or Institutions (Near East University and Stakeholders) do not accept any legal responsibility for the content of the photographs sent to the competition.

Sending a photograph, that does not belong to the participant, to the exhibition and submitting it for evaluation is a violation of the rules. In this case, all responsibility will belong to the participant. The institution and/or institutions do not accept any legal responsibility.

All kinds of rights for exhibition and public offering, rights and authority of the photographs accepted for the exhibition will be transferred to the Near East University without any commercial purpose. Photographs deemed worthy of exhibition by the Selection Committee will be entitled to be published on the Symposium official page. The participant will not pay any price for this.

The photographs selected as a result of the second evaluation to be carried out among the accepted photographs will be accepted into the collection of the Museum of Modern Arts. Applicants will be deemed to have accepted all the above-mentioned conditions fully and completely.